Breast Augmentation

Finding balance with your body

Breast Augmentation

Accentuate your most prominent feminine feature

Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures worldwide. It involves using implants or fat grafts from another area of the patient’s body. The procedure is used to accentuate the size of the breast, create balance to otherwise asymmetrical breasts or alter their texture.

Dr. Panayi’s technical aptitude, and exquisite aesthetic sense are a guarantee for natural looking results, for those patients seeking to enhance their breasts proportionately. Prior to the procedure, both he and his patient must determine collaboratively the type of implants and the incision location (periareolar or inframammary incision), as these can significantly affect the end-result. This ultimately means that before proceeding with the surgery, patients must be fully aware of all possible options available to them.

Dr. Panayi goes above and beyond to ensure patients make thoroughly informed decisions based on mutual objectives. During consultation, he takes the time to explain the procedure down to the last detail in comprehensible terms and address any concerns the patient might have. His expert knowledge of all issues relating to breast augmentation, along with his focused and patient-centred approach, infuses patients with confidence and trust.

Dr. Panayi is a firm believer in tailored solutions that fit the specific unique characteristics of every patient. In order to achieve this, a range of careful measurements is undertaken before the procedure, together with extensive photo-documentation of the target areas. Furthermore, Dr. Panayi always performs a pre-operative 3D simulation of the operation, so that you have a clear idea of what to expect after the procedure. Once your individual operative plan is completed, it is then followed diligently in the operating room. Performed with extraordinary attention to detail and an unparalleled artistic eye, Dr. Panayi takes special care to ensure minimal scarring and an exceptionally natural-looking end-result.