Lasers & Radiofrequency

Invigorate your body from within!

Lasers & Radiofrequency

Look and feel your best!

Restore a naturally youthful appearance or refine your facial features with our laser and radiofrequency treatments. Our face and body contouring procedures stimulate collagen production & promote healing for a rejuvenated complexion.



Firm, tighten, smooth your skin head to toe

Radiance, clarity and smooth texture are the hallmarks of youthful skin. Over time, the effects of aging and sun exposure can take their toll, leaving skin imperfections.

Dr. Panayi in cooperation with Alma Lasers offers a full spectrum of advance aesthetic laser technologies that rejuvenate mature skin revealing smoother, younger, healthier-looking skin.

Alma’s Harmony XL Pro features an array of advanced applications that are highly effective, reliable and suitable for patients of all ages with a first-rate safety record proven in extensive clinical studies. Harmony XL Pro allows Dr. Panayi to provide tailored solutions for the following three indications:


Harnessing Heat for the Benefit of Beauty

Backed by years of proven clinical success, the Accent Prime system, is Alma’s cutting-edge ultrasound and radiofrequency (RF) platform for the aesthetic improvement and refinement of the skin of the face and body which has been altered or damaged by ageing, trauma, neoplasm, surgery, radiation and congenital conditions.

Accent Prime is a non-invasive, state-of-the-art solution that offers customized treatments for facial and body contouring, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and cellulite reduction, promoting healthy collagen production and leaving you with a slender, contoured physique with long-lasting, visible, natural effects.

Body & Face Contouring

A combination of ultrasound and RF technologies achieves superior results, giving you a naturally sculpted appearance without the pain and downtime of more invasive procedures. Look thinner, feel better and reveal the beauty of your natural contours.

Skin Tightening

Over time, the smooth texture and volume of youthful skin give way to signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin. Accent Prime uses high RF energy to lift and tighten mature skin of the face and body, enhancing your natural beauty and revealing smoother, younger, healthier-looking skin.


The dimpled, lumpy skin associated with cellulite is a challenging concern that plagues many women today. Numerous remedies are available, but ultimately, most are ineffective. Accent Prime offers a clinically-proven solution that effectively reduces the appearance of cellulite.

All radiofrequency treatments are clinically proven in extensive studies. They are non-invasive and do not require any special pre-treatment preparations. Treatments are virtually painless ‘lunchtime procedures’, with no downtime or the need for an anaesthetic. There is no scarring. Treatments are reliable, safe and effective for all skin types, even tanned skin. At Perfect Blue Medispa, clients enjoy dedicated suites for their treatments to ensure their privacy and comfort. As with all our treatments, our staff has attended advanced training to allow us to provide our clients with the best results.

Skin Resurfacing/Rejuvenation

As we age, the tone and texture of our skin changes. Accent Prime uses microplasma RF technology to smooth out and balance the skin- improving overall skin tone and texture, improving the appearance of stretch marks and reducing superficial pigmentation, while helping to bolster the skin against future aging.