Tuberous Breast Correction

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Tuberous Breast Correction

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Tuberous breasts (also known as tubular or constricted breasts) manifest abnormalities in their shape which differ from one person to another. It is a genetic condition which can vary in severity.

Tuberous breasts often grow in an unusual way and often either one or both breasts are under-developed and asymmetrical. They are characterised by a tightened, narrow base and a high crease under the breast, a short distance between the nipple and the fold under the breast as well as herniation of the areola causing the breast to look elongated. Women with tuberous breasts often demonstrate problems with low self-esteem and body confidence.

It is highly important for patients with tuberous breasts to consult a surgeon that is specifically experienced in tuberous breast correction as this procedure differs from breast augmentation even though it might involve the use of breast implants. Dr. Panayi often approaches tuberous breast correction cases using specialized techniques that best suit each individual case.

Dr. Panayi is a firm believer in tailored solutions that fit the specific unique characteristics of every patient. In order to achieve this, a range of careful measurements is undertaken before the procedure, together with extensive photo-documentation of the target areas. Furthermore, Dr. Panayi always performs a pre-operative 3D simulation of the operation, so that you have a clear idea of what to expect after the procedure. Once your individual operative plan is completed, it is then followed diligently in the operating room. Performed with extraordinary attention to detail and an unparalleled artistic eye, Dr. Panayi takes special care to ensure minimal scarring and an exceptionally natural-looking end-result.