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Best described as a body contouring procedure, liposuction removes persistent fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. Liposuction can treat a wide range of areas including the abdomen and waist, hips and things, neck, arms, inner knees and elsewhere. Through the precise targeting and removal of isolated pockets of fat, Dr. Panayi is able to create a proportionate, refined and slimmer silhouette.

Given that the aim of liposuction is not only to remove stubborn fat deposits but to create an evenly shaped body, this delicate procedure requires great skill and artistry.


Dr. Panayi’s approach focuses on assessing the needs of the patient holistically. By looking at the overall body appearance and structure, rather than selected areas, Dr. Panayi is able to sculpt the body by removing precisely that amount of fat that is necessary for a balanced result. By using the latest techniques in liposuction, increased skin toning and definition can also be achieved, thus enhancing the final result.

Through the targeted removal of isolated fat deposits, Dr. Panayi creates a uniform, elegant and slimmer silhouette. High-Definition Liposculpture is made possible through revolutionary ultrasound technology capable of dissolving adipose tissue and tightening the skin. Cold Lipoemulsion ProMelter technology uses a new low temperature methodology based on intradermal ultrasound emission, periodically controlled depending on the texture and type of tissue being treated.
The effectiveness of this technique allows smooth and precise removal of fat deposits and even skin tightening, without damaging the blood vessels and skin tissue. In this way, accurate liposuction and liposuction of the six-pack, thighs and buttocks can be achieved by reducing cellulite under local anesthetic without pain or significant recovery time.

The Cold Lipoemulsion ProMelter technology is the only liposuction technique that constantly changes the frequency of ultrasound waves depending on the consistency of the treated tissue. This unique feature allows for lipolysis without heating the fat, thus avoiding the risk of internal fractures and maintaining anatomical structure:

– Does not damage the skin tissue;

– Reduces cellulite and skin relaxation;

– Tissue injury and bruising are minimal and/or often absent;

– Incisions are not larger than 2mm;

– The operation can be done under local anesthetic or ;

– Recovery after treatment is very fast;

– The adipose tissue removed is vital and rich in stem cells, so it is ideal for fat-transfer to help increase the volume of soft tissue of the face, buttocks, chest.



Since the purpose of liposuction is not only to remove persistent fat but also to form a uniform body, the process requires a combination of skill but also artistry. Dr. Panayi focuses on the integrated assessment of each patient individually. By examining the body’s overall image and structure, and not just individual areas, the doctor reconfigures the body, precisely removing the amount of fat needed for a balanced result. In applying the latest liposuction techniques, Dr. Panayi combines sculpting and tightening of the body for best results.

Patients should be aware that liposuction is not a method of losing weight, nor is it an effective way of treating cellulite or reducing excess skin. Instead, the process is aimed at remodeling and renewing the whole body. The ideal candidates for this treatment are women and men who are healthy and close to their ideal weight. It also needs to have good muscle structure and skin elasticity. Dr. Panayi, carefully examines all the parameters to make sure you are in the best possible condition before the surgical procedure.

Dr. Panayi is a firm believer in tailored solutions that fit the specific unique characteristics of every patient. In order to achieve this, a range of careful measurements is undertaken before the procedure, together with extensive photo-documentation of the target areas. Furthermore, Dr. Panayi always performs a pre-operative 3D simulation of the operation, so that you have a clear idea of what to expect after the procedure. Once your individual operative plan is completed, it is then followed diligently in the operating room. Performed with extraordinary attention to detail and an unparalleled artistic eye, Dr. Panayi takes special care to ensure minimal scarring and an exceptionally natural-looking end-result.