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Facelift & Rhytidectomy

Expert facial procedures that are second to none.

Years of stress, exposure to the natural elements, smoking, weight loss and aging can take their toll on our faces, making us look old and tired. Using the most advanced techniques in facelift, such as MACS-lift or SMAS-lift, Dr. Panayi can improve the tone of the face and the visible signs of aging in the facial and neck areas, providing you with a more refreshed and younger version of yourself.

The procedure improves problems such as relaxation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue that cause sagging, drooping eyelids, deepening of fold lines, hollowed cheeks, jowls and excess fatty tissue in the neck. By removing excess skin, tightening the underlying muscles and connective tissue (SMAS), and elevating the facial tissues to a higher position you are left looking fresher and more youthful.

All procedures are a product of careful and extensive study. During an initial consultation, Dr. Panayi will determine your eligibility for such a procedure, as both your safety and the achievement of the desired end-result must be tightly aligned. Upon completion of the initial consultation and evaluation, Dr. Panayi will prepare a detailed and customised surgical plan based on your goals, needs, and unique facial characteristics. Nothing is left to chance.

Dr. Panayi is a firm believer in tailored solutions that fit the specific unique characteristics of every patient. In order to achieve this, a range of careful measurements is undertaken before the procedure, together with extensive photo-documentation of the target areas. Furthermore, Dr. Panayi always performs a pre-operative 3D simulation of the operation, so that you have a clear idea of what to expect after the procedure. Once your individual operative plan is completed, it is then followed diligently in the operating room. Performed with extraordinary attention to detail and an unparalleled artistic eye, Dr. Panayi takes special care to ensure minimal scarring and an exceptionally natural-looking end-result.

In replacing the loss of youthful contours, Dr. Panayis’ restorative facelift procedure might be complemented with various skin treatments such as dermabrasion, peels or laser / radiofrequency to improve the quality and texture of the skin. Using these ancillary methods, every patient is offered a complete aesthetic package, thus addressing all the different problematic areas of the face.