Perfect-Blue Medispa

Perfect-Blue Medispa

Treatments you can trust

The Perfect-Blue Medispa is the product of Dr. Panayi’s idea to delivering bespoke treatments in luxurious surroundings. We specialize in offering clients with the next generation tailored treatments for the face and body.

We take pride in providing personalized skincare advice. At the Perfect-Blue Medispa, each treatment experience begins with a personal consultation and in-depth skin analysis by Dr. Panayi himself, so that your treatment can be customised to your precise needs.

At Perfect-Blue we believe in the responsible and innovative application of medical expertise and science as this is instrumental in achieving excellent, naturally-looking results for all kinds of treatments. This also applies to skincare treatments.

Our priority rests with our clients’ well-being whilst delivering total body beauty thus ensuring the highest quality in care, services, products and results and importantly, patient confidentiality.

Injectable Treatments

Rejuvenate your skin instantly with long-lasting injectable solutions.

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Lasers & Radiofrequency

Stimulate collagen production & promote healing for a naturally youthful appearance.

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Rejuvenation Treatments

Healthy & naturally beautiful skin at any age.

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Cryolipolysis & Lipomassage

High-tech technology designed to work beneath the surface for a visibly slimmer and contoured figure.

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Personalised Skincare

Bespoke aesthetic & cosmetic medical treatments from a responsible and professional practice.

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