Personal Reviews

Thank you for making us better

Our motivation at Perfect Blue has always been to deliver the best quality care for our patients. We pride ourselves in upholding the highest standards in the field of plastic surgery and do our best to give each and every patient a wonderful experience. Thank you for making us better, helping grow our business and allowing us to be your plastic surgery team.

Dr. Panayi maintains a practice where patients feel at ease from the moment they walk into his office. After my consultation, I also felt a sense of confidence and peace with my decision.The whole experience exceeded my expectations!



I have finally been able to find the best treatment for my skin; Dr. Panayi provided me with a customized solution for my skin which has suffered the consequences of sun exposure in the mountains by Universkin.



…a sense of aesthetics is one of the many weapons a good plastic surgeon should have; a surgeon that respects not just himself but mainly the patients who entrust themselves to his ‘magic hands’



Many thanks to the Perfect Blue team for their care and support. Dr. Panayi, the staff and facilities were excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Panayi and his clinic.



I was very happy with my treatment experience. Dr. Panayi tοοκ his time talking to me about the best treatment for me and how it will benefit me. I am amazed at the results!





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