Travelling PATIENTS

Patients travelling to Athens

In recent years, Greece has become known as a major centre for healthcare due its highly skilled medical professionals, its wide range of speciality treatments and services and strict international standards.

Dr. Panayi’s expertise and reputation attracts numerous patients from all over the world every year. The relationship between a doctor and a patient is one that involves obligations on both sides of the relationship. If you are a patient who needs to travel substantial distances to access our services you need to give careful consideration and follow a set steps prior to it.


Book a phone or virtual consultation

Dr. Panayi is able to consult with patients over the phone or hold an online or ‘virtual’ consultation. Depending on the procedure you are considering, you may be asked to provide us with photos prior to the consultation. This allows the doctor to evaluate your candidacy more efficiency. As with any other plastic surgery consultation, you should be expected to discuss your medical history, your goals and vision for your results. The cost of the consultation is paid in full when making the booking.

Book a procedure date

Once you book a date for a procedure or surgery, you will be sent an information pack which will include detailed information to your procedure or surgery. You will also be advised about when you will need to arrive and the length of time required for you to stay after the operation. In case of a surgery, it is recommended that you have a companion with you. If this is not possible, we can make arrangements for a nurse to accompany you at an additional cost to you. A non-refundable deposit needs to be made upon booking a date for your procedure or surgery.

Staying in Athens

Our clinic is located in the southern coastal area of Athens. There are plenty of hotels and apartments to let in the area. We have collaborated with a number of hotels so as to offer the best rates for our patients. Be sure to quote Dr. Panayi’s name when making booking arrangements. Our staff would be happy to assist in any way or make the booking on your behalf.

“Our staff would be happy
to assist in any way .”


Arrival in Athens

Once you arrive in Athens, we will be happy to receive you at our clinic and meet you in person. Dr. Panayi will hold a one-on-one consultation with you in person before the upcoming procedure or surgery. He will conduct a thorough review, address any of your concerns and put you mind at ease before the surgery.

Surgery date

Our staff will inform you of the time of your operation and what time you need to be there. We will also tell you which ward or department you are going to be in. When you arrive at the hospital, you will be welcomed by a member of staff who will explain the processes to you. On the day of your surgery, you will also meet your anaesthetist and any other staff that may be involved in the procedure. Family and friends can usually stay with you until it is time to leave for the operating theatre and wait for you in the waiting room.

After surgery

Most operations conducted by Dr. Panayi require that patients remain in hospital for one night but this number may increase to three for larger operations. Recovery time usually depends on the type of surgery and anaesthesia given during surgery. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled prior to your departure home so that Dr. Panayi can monitor your ongoing recovery. It is important that you follow recovery instructions.

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